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Re: Has anyone bought the debian book and cds?

On 16 Nov, George Bonser let loose with:
> As for hardcopy, I dunno, seems to me that the thing is changing too fast.  By
> the time the book gets "broken in" it is obsolete since Debian tends to evolve
> so quickly. What I would like to see is a book in a binder where update pages
> can be made available at regular intervals.  I would like the paper to be tough
> and the area around the holes to be reinforced.

Excellent idea... In fact, this is probably my "pet peeve" with Linux
books in general. I have been using Linux for about a year and have
fallen victim several times to inaccurate information... (I dare say
that nothing is more distressing for a newbie!! ;-) This would be an
excellent idea!

- Tim

{an aside to Dale...} I must say that I for one am very happy to see a
book on Debian... I am in the process of switching from Red Hat (mostly
because of dpkg/dselect's excellent handling of dependencies and
Debian's commitment to be non-commercial) and your book has been quite
helpful. Thank you.
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