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Re: default Debian smail-fetchmail

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From: Cullen <fcullen@usa.net>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 11:31 AM
Subject: default Debian smail-fetchmail

>However, I made a .fetchmailrc file which was supposed to poll for
>mail and it worked.  I was looking for some kind of fetchmail log file but
>found this file:  /var/log/smail/logfile
>which contained information about the mail I had succesfully
>downloaded.   Does this mean that fetchmail is merely an interface to smail
>that smail actually grabbed the messages?

It depends....   If you are connected to the Internet (fully time) and you
have everything setup properly, then smail could handle receipt and sending
of all your mail by itself.  fetchmail is used in situations where you're
not always connected to the Internet and want to pull mail on a "demand"
basis - i.e. only during those times that you are connected.

You haven't explained enough about your situation for me to give a better

Also, from the fetchmail docs....   Did you specify where you wanted
messages to be logged?

>My fetchmail command line to use my new rc file was
>fetchmail -f .fetchmailrc
>BTW: one of the options in my .fetchmailrc was "keep" which let me
>leave the mail on the server but on successive fetchmail commands it
>downloaded the same messages again. I suppose there must be some way of
>telling it not to grab mail that has already been downloaded.

Why would you want to leave it on the server?  This is expected behaviour
with  POP3.  Fetchmail just receives (and the remote POP3 server just sends)
all the mail that is waiting in the remote "inbox".  If you didn't delete
what you downloaded last time, then you'll get it the next time.  (Useful
for debugging...)

I'm using fetchmail on a number of systems.  If you have any further
questions about config files, etc, just let me know - I'll do what I can to


Kevin Traas                    Baan Business Systems
Systems Analyst            Langley, BC, Canada
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