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RE: How do I set LOCALE?

Þann 01-Nov-97 skrifar Johann Spies:
> I have been reading the interesting discussion about setting locale.  I
> could not see, however how do you do it.  I have for instance tried "set
> LANG='uk'" in bash, and it have no effect on the LOCALE-settings.
  There are two locale packages, 'wg15-locale', that has all locale data
for libc5.  And 'locales', that supplies localedata for libc6.  There
should be information for these, under /usr/doc/{wg15-locale,libc6}.

  The reason your locale settings don't change, is because there is
because there is no locale 'uk'.  For the United Kingdom, you would
specify 'en_GB' (English, Great Britain).  These shortcuts are
standard, and will be represented by a directory in /usr/share/locale
with the same name, and/or a file in /usr/share/i18n/locale.

> The locale-manpage did not help me.  I could also not find something about
> it in "Linux in a Nutshell" or the Linux System Administrator's Guide.
  Maybe that is because locale support for Linux, is broken... as it is
only supported by a few applications.  It's unfortunate, but the standard
seems to be still 7-bit ascii... even under Unix.  And, apparantly difficult,
to get some of the core to respect other peoples language needs.  Only
large corporations, that have their income depend on other 'nationalities'
buying their systems, are advancing the issue.  The rest trails far
behind... along with the documentation :-)

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