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Re: finding myself on DDS-2 tape...

Tim Ferrell <tjferrell@infoave.net> writes:

> Is there a formula for determining what percentage of tape I have
> left after a backup? I use 'mt tell' to get the current block on
> tape - how do I know how many blocks are on the tape? I am using a
> 4-8GB DAT drive with 90m and 120m tapes. I just need some kind of
> idea of how much tape is left...

If you use tar with the default 10k block size you can use 'mt tell'
and multiply it by the block size.  I don't know any way to get the
number of blocks that are still free.  

If you don't use hardware compression you can once write full all the
tape and use mt tell to get the number of blocks written.  This number
should not change for other backups (unless you are writing more than
one file or using the setmarks).  

Hardware compression is a different story, no idea here (mt tells the
number of blocks written of uncompressed data, there is no way to know
how many compressed blocks have been written).

If you get more information please let me know.


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