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Re: gcc: Signal 7

nels0988@tc.umn.edu wrote:
  >Can anybody tell me what happened when I was compiling a kernel?
  >I got this gcc: signal 7 error and it stopped.  I was doing a make -j.
  >make -j5 seems to work flawlessly.  I've also received a gcc signal 5 
  >before, and I don't know what that is, either.
  >Can anybody tell me what these are, or where I can find out myself?
`man 7 signal', which says (among other things):

       Signal       Value     Action   Comment
       SIGTRAP        5         CG     Trace/breakpoint trap
       SIGIOT         6         CG     IOT trap. A synonym for SIGABRT
       SIGEMT       7,-,7       G
       SIGBUS      10,7,10      AG     Bus error

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