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RE: IBM 6091-23 Monitor

Hi Peter;

I think that it would be useful if you would supply the following 

Is your X installation working ok now with a different monitor?  If so, 
what kind of monitor?

What video card do you have?

What error messages (if any) do you get from a "startx" command?
What is implied by "... to no avail."?  Does your X server start up but 
give you an "unsynced" display (implying BTW that either you have 
entered the wrong values for your monitor or X is still using your "old" 
or another monitor)?

There is a relationship between the "Graphics device", the "Screen 
section" and the "Monitor Section".  If X can not find a scan rate, 
resolution, and screen depth, that is consistent with the requirement of 
all sections then the server will not start.

The "Screen Section" entry lists the monitor that will be selected and 
what modes are to be tried.


> Hello all:
> Does anyone happen to know how to get an IBM 6091-32 fix freq
> monitor to work with Xfree. I've fiddled with XF86Config to no
> avail.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Peter

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