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Re: I'm an idiot and sed proves it...

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> And this may allow me to deal with the hyphons at the end of the lines. I
> can do one pass through sed replacing new lines with \n, and then make
> another pass editing out all the '-\n'. I am still left with the problem
> of converting all the other '\n' strings back into newline characters. If
> I knew this, I could put that into the original search, so I'm left with
> trying to search for a newline.

here's a first-attempt, draft solution in perl:

#! /usr/bin/perl

$/="";		# read input in paragraphs, not lines.

while (<>) {
        s/\s+\n/\n/;				# remove trailing whitespace
        s/(\w+)-\n(\w+)/$1$2/g;		# de-hyphenate

you'll probably need to hack it a bit to do everything you need.  enjoy.

yes, i know it's perl and not sed. i got converted some time ago :-). i
used to do this kind of stuff with sed and awk and cut and all the other
text processing tools. now i only use them for quick one-liners at the
shell prompt and use perl for scripting.  perl makes this kind of thing a
lot easier (and the extended regexps are cool too). 


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