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Re: How to use dpkg -b ??

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Debian List wrote:

> Hi!!
> Thanks again...
> Ok I tried the dpkg-source -x and here's the error I got:
> dpkg-source: error: tarfile `./mgetty_1.1.8.orig.tar.gz' contains object
> (mgetty-1.1.8/README.1st) not in expected directory (mgetty-1.1.8.orig)
> Help! ;)
> Ricardo

I had a similar problem with the xemacs20 source package - here's what I
did, soup to nuts:

Got the .tar.gz, .dsc, and .diff.gz files from ftp.debian.org.
Since I have a bo system, I then had to make certain that I wasn't using
the ldso from hamm.  (the dpkg-dev in bo has problems with the ldd in ldso
Then, after experiencing the same problem with dpkg-source, I untarred the
.tar.gz file into a temporary directory, and moved it about.  That is, I
did (something equivalent to)
cd /tmp
tar -xzf /usr/local/incoming/xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar.gz

Now, this should have created a directory called xemacs20-20.2.orig;
instead, however, it created xemacs-20.2.orig  (I think; I know that the
name was wrong, but can't remember exactly how it was wrong).  So then I

mv xemacs-20.2.orig xemacs20-20.2.orig
tar -cf xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar xemacs20-20.2.orig
gzip xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar

This created a new xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar.gz - I then replaced the copy
I'd downloaded with this one.  This may be all that's needed; however, I
also took the extra precaution of modifying the .dsc file; in the .dsc
file there will be a line like:
  ece482d641199333788fb56bc6ea5e55 20651833 xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar.gz

I changed this to match my new xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar.gz - this first long
gobbledygook string was generated by 'md5sum xemacs20_20.2.orig.tar.gz' -
the number after that is the size as shown by ls -l.  As I said, this may
be unnecessary, but I did it anyway.

Then to compile the thing, I didn't use dpkg-buildpackage.  Instead, after
running the dpkg-source command to extract the package, I found that it
(the source) had been put in

So then, I did:
cd /usr/local/incoming/xemacs20-20.2/
vi debian/rules

Now, the debian/rules file is just a makefile; I added the configuration
options I needed; you may have to make other changes, (possibly
in other files) depending on how mgetty is configured.

I then did a
debian/rules clean
debian/rules build
debian/rules binary

This produced (after _much_ compiling and whatnot) the .deb packages
(more than one since the xemacs source generates xemacs and
xemacs-support, etc.) I wanted in /usr/local/incoming.  I then could use
dpkg to install them as I would any newly-downloaded .deb package.

I think you can follow roughly this same procedure to compile your mgetty.

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