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Re: default Debian smail-fetchmail

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Cullen wrote:

> However, I made a .fetchmailrc file which was supposed to poll for 
> mail and it worked.  I was looking for some kind of fetchmail log file but 
> found this file:  /var/log/smail/logfile
> which contained information about the mail I had succesfully 
> downloaded.   Does this mean that fetchmail is merely an interface to smail and 
> that smail actually grabbed the messages?
Fetchmail does fetch your mail from your isp and feeds your local smail
with it (it does a connect to your smtp port). Therefore you get the
lines in the smail log.

This way the mail can be processed by smail (using procmail, filter,
.forward et al.)

> My fetchmail command line to use my new rc file was 
> fetchmail -f .fetchmailrc
> BTW: one of the options in my .fetchmailrc was "keep" which let me 
> leave the mail on the server but on successive fetchmail commands it 
> downloaded the same messages again. I suppose there must be some way of 
> telling it not to grab mail that has already been downloaded.
 -a, --all
              (Keyword:  fetchall)  Retrieve  both old (seen) and
              new messages from the mailserver.  The  default  is
              to  fetch  only  messages the server has not marked
              seen.  Note that POP2 retrieval behaves  as  though
              --all  is  always  on  (see RETRIEVAL FAILURE MODES
              below) and this option does not work with ETRN.        


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