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Re: How can I use PPP connection?

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Adalberto da Silva wrote:

> 	I'm using xisp to dial and set my internet connection under Linux. The
> internet provider from my university uses dinamic IP assignment and I
> can easily get a 'socket' for my W95 applications: I run a script that
> dials, I put my username and password on login screen, key 'ppp' and
> enter, get a stream of words&codes on screen (saying 'Async interfaces
> etc ...') and push F7 to finnally get a socket to plug my Netscape, ftp
> and whatelse.
The F7 is just to close the win95 terminal window. Forget about it in

>From the lines below I think you use a rather old xisp. My advice is to
get version 2.3 (debian package) from ftp.internet-treff.uni-koeln.de/pub
It is much better then the version you use (1.4 from bo or 2.1 from hamm
[pretty buggy io code]).

Install it and do

 cd /etc/ppp
 mv ip-up.xisp ip-up
 mv ip-down.xisp ip-down

This will replace your current ip-up and ip-down scripts with the one
shipped with xisp.

> 	I installed xisp and fed it with server address, my username and
> password, wrote some lines for scripting:
> 		ername:--ername: %s
> 		ssword: %s
> 		>-->
> 		sync:--sync /0;65	(I wait for the message 					'Async... and send the
> codes
> 					to play for F7 key my server
> 					asks for)
With the new version it is now:
options -> account information: authentication = none
options -> dialing and login: manual login = no ;
                              automatic login
                  expect                  send
                  ername:                 %U
                  ssword:                 %P
                  >                       ppp

options -> communication options
              device: /dev/ttyS1   (if you use com2 for the modem)

options -> tcp/ip
            dynamic local address: yes
            dynamic remote address: yes
            add default route: yes
            support ip-up/ip-down : yes
            primary/secondary DNS server: ip-addresses of your dns servers

There are other settings to do (like the numbver to dial, but these are

IMHO xisp is as easy to set up as the win95 dialup networking.

> 	Well, it seems to work as long as I got a fancy xisp window with  the
> correct number of my server on ISP box, a dynamic IP adress box filled
> down, a status box with a message CONN (I wish this means connected...),
Yes, it does.

> a correct speed number and a 'walking' clock with my connection time.
So you are connected. Definitly :-)

> 	I took my HowTo's and read PPP-HowTo but I did not know what is
> missing.
Maybe the default route and the DNS server settings.

> 	How can I fire some internet applications to take any advantage of the
> connection? What is the next step to plug Netscape, ftp apps, telnet and
> things alike in this 'socket'?
Just start them. They will use the modem connection automaticly.


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