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Re: dpkg won't remove nfsroot

>      Thanks a lot.  This worked perfectly.  I assume from your wording
> "(in this case this is safe)" that this would not be a safe procedure
> in general.  Is this correct?

Well, my personal opinion is that this is nearly always safe, and that
dpkg really should have an option that tells it to ignore the error
results from the script.

But the fackt that dpkg doesn't have such an option, seems to indicate
that others (dpkg author) disagree with that, and feel bad things could
happen if was dpkg was allowed to ignore those error codes.

> > The way to fix this (in this case this is safe), is to do:
> > rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/nfsroot.prerm
> > 
> > before running dpkg -r nfsroot again.

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