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Re: diald vs ipmasquerade

On Sat, Nov 22, 1997 at 09:38:55AM +0000, Chuma Agbodike wrote:
> Do diald and ipmasquerading serve the same purpose ?
> Or do I have to use both ? I have a 3 node ethernet lan.
> The all had windows on them. Now I installed Linux 2.0.29 (debian 1.3)
> on the unit that has the modem on it. And would like the other units
> to access the internet via the modem on LINUX unit.
> So I have diald running on the linux. The windows node have the
> linux unit as their gateway. But if I ping an IP diald doesn't dial.

They both have different purposes. It sounds like you have set it up
how it should be, masq for the Windows nodes and diald for dial out.
It doesn't work when you ping because Linux 2.0.29 doesn't have
masquerading for ICMP, which is the protocol used for ping packets.
It should dialout for other connections if your diald is setup
that way. 2.0.30 does have masquerading for ping.

Good luck,

Hamish Moffatt, StudIEAust              hamish@debian.org, hmoffatt@mail.com
Student, computer science & computer systems engineering.    3rd year, RMIT.
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