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Re: help needed [urgent]


While from what I have seen by following this list for quite a few months now, the list members are rather tolerent of
'off-topic' posting when such postings are still Linux related.

However, your problems are not even Linux specific much less debian specific.  With a non-debian distribution, attempting
to get help from a debian users listserver may do you more harm than good!  The primary debian tools such as dpkg and 
dselect could even 'mess up' your system.

I presume that you are in France so I would think that maybe sunsite UK under the GNU directory would be your best source
except that there are undoubtedly good mirrors of the GNU project in France.

>       Here I am again !( 
> As you can imagine I'm not working on a debian box
> (Waiting glibc2 stable..). I can't even say which kind of > box it is: I didn't install it. 
> I'm still looking for this minor things that make
> gnu/linux  powerfull : more, sort, frcode and man. 
> I don't know how many of these bugs are still missing..
> So,  if someone could point me to the place I could find
> them.. This way I won't disturb you.
> Thanx in advance, Max

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