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Re: How to use dpkg -b ??

Debian List wrote:
> Ok I tried the dpkg-source -x and here's the error I got:
> dpkg-source: error: tarfile `./mgetty_1.1.8.orig.tar.gz' contains
> object (mgetty-1.1.8/README.1st) not in expected directory
> (mgetty-1.1.8.orig)

This version of mgetty is in "hamm", which needs an upgraded dpkg to
unpack correctly (it's in project/experimental, AFAIK).

At this point you're anyway at half way; just do:

	cd mgetty-1.1.8
	zcat ../mgetty_1.1.8*diff.gz | patch -p0 -

and you're done (maybe with some old file as file.orig)

> > dpkg-buildpackage will automagically generate a diff from the
> > original package source.
> >
> > > If I make changes to the original source, wouldn't that
> > > invalidate the diff file?
> >

Yes, it will overwrite the files with the old version number.
You have to change the version number (first line in file
debian/changelog). If you have debmake installed simply issue 

	dch -n

and you'll be editing that file _after_ the version change.
Exit the editor saving the changes and issue dpkg-buildpackage or its
wrapper   build -rsudo  (you need privileges to do build a package)
pgp is needed only to sign the changes and dsc files. .deb will be OK
even if you'll have an error for pgp.
You'll see on the output:
dpkg --build debian/tmp ..
dpkg-deb: building package `mgetty' in `../mgetty_1.1.8-?_i386.deb'.

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