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Re: fetchmail won't connect to port 25

On Fri, Nov 28, 1997 at 04:43:38PM -0800, Stephen K Myers wrote:
> Greetings All,
> I saw a post about this awhile back but I didn't see a response.
> fetchmail can't connect port 25 on the localhost.  I get the 
> following:
> reading message 1 (2324 bytes)
> fetchmail: SMTP connect to (null) failed

I don't have the source to 3.8.0, but the problem is in that line
above.  Feel free to UTSL and find out where it occurs.  ;)
It looks like some library call used to return your host name
before and it doesn't now (assuming fetchmail stopped working
after you upgraded some other packages, like it did here).

Anyway, new versions of fetchmail require that you explicitly
specify the host to deliver to, so you might as well start getting
used to it.  ;)
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