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Re: help with mounting particular CD

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, JD Thomlinson wrote:

> I've got a CD that won't mount on FreeBSD 2.2.2 
> (Yes, I'm working on getting them to install 
> Debian ;) ).
> Naturally, Debian (2.0.39) has no problem mounting and 
> reading the directory structure.
> Can anyone give me pointers to a Debian utility that could 
> give me the file system type that Debian so sucessfully 
> has mounted? Apparently it's not iso9660, or at least 
> FBSD won't mount it as iso9660. FBSD will mount other CDs 
> as iso9660. The CD is supposedly accessible by Unix, Win 95 
> & NT, and Mac. I have managed to refuse to install Win 95 & 
> NT so far, and am not about to start. 
> Any potential help or pointers will be appreciated!
As this is supposed to work with any of the 4 mentioned OSs (well three
actually, some would say that NT and 95 are at least cousins...)

If the Unix image is not iso9660, then it is either minix, ext, or ext2 if
it is a linux image. There are other file systems on other unices so it
really may depend...

I would try ext2 first, then probably sv4 if bsd supports it.

You are working on a system about which I know almost nothing, so I don't
feel much confidence in my answers. I hope I have been of some little


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