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In a message dated 11/11/97 5:55:13 PM Eastern Standard Time,
debian1@hotmail.com writes:

> >Depending on the game you can do it under Win95.
>  >
>  Doh!!, sorry, I meant that it was my Understanding that AOL Users
>  where un-able to connect to the AOL Servers, via LINUX. I know this
>  is the case on my Gte.com acct, as they said I would never be able to
>  connect my Boxes to there NT servers. Well I did, so I maybe mistakin
>  in regards to Aol Users connecting to the Aol Servers.
>  "I don't do Windoze" Seen on a shirt I made...:)
AOL uses their own proprietary interface to access the network. So you are
correct. Things to note, here at AOL almost all the internal machines are
*NIX based. And many of the employees use LINUX to access the machines

Simply a 'NIX user trapped in a Windows market.....

[This information is the opinion of the user and is in no way the official
position of America Online. YadaYadaYada and all the other stuff they force
us to put on "personal" messages.] 

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