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A few (small) problems w/libc6 update

I needed updates to perl and bash, one thing led to another and now
I found myself upgrading everything to hamm.

Everything went well ;^} just a few problems:
  1) SUDO fails to parse the sudoers file (already reported)

  2) man database for some things in /etc/alternatives (xemacs,
     ctags, etags, gnuclient) and /usr/man/man7/undocumented.7,
     and lastly xoj.1x are being reported as bad symlinks (and
     they truely are bad...) - don't know if this has been reported
     or if I screwed up.

  3) With the new libraries, and some more playing, I find I'm
     going to have to backup/repartition/restore... I've enough
     space, and scsi-2 tr4 tape.  What is the easiest way to do
     this?  (taper, tar)?  After re-partitioning, will a boot
     floppy be enough to restore from, or will I need to install
     a mini-1.3.1 system to do the restore (and will taper/tar/etc)
     overlay the existing bo mini-install without complaint?

Richard Nelson

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