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Re: eep! server crash

Robert Zeches <robert@soundz.com> writes:
> Hi. I have a really stupid issue that I'm sure I will be flamed for but
> I'm going to ask anyway.  My server crashed upon rebooting.  I can not
> log in locally - get an error like "666:unable to change tty" /dev/tty1
> for user root bad file number or something like that.  Now here's the
> stupid part - I don't have a boot floppy.  Is there anyplace that I can
> get a debian boot floppy source to download so I can try to fix this?

ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/bo/disks-i386/current/resc1440.bin.  If
you are using a Wintel PC to write the disk image, you will also need
rawrite2.exe from the same directory.
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