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How can I use base floppy set to get module support?

I just installed Debian from the rescue and base floppy set. During
the install, it "installed" modules for sbpcd, umsdos, lp, psaux,
and ppp into the kernel as I specified to the install program. How-
ever, when I try to run pppd, I get an error message saying "Sorry -
this system lacks PPP kernel support." When I try insmod ppp, I get 
"insmod: ppp: no module by that name found." In /etc/modules, ppp is
listed as one of the modules that is supposed to load at boot time,
but I guess it isn't getting loaded.
How can I get ppp module support from the base floppy set? Can I just
add it to what I already have or do I need to reinstall? If I need to
reinstall, how do I make sure that I can load the ppp module so I can
use it to ftp stuff that won't fit on a floppy? Thanks...

Ken Deboy

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