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Re: "infinite loop in interrupt"

Aaron Brick wrote:

> Hello everybody....
> this may be more of a hardware question. i frequently see the error
> message "eth0: Infinite loop in interrupt, status 2011." on my terminal;
> however, the network connection is fine. what should i do to make whatever
> is causing that error stop reporting it?
> thanks.
> aaron.

Got something for you from my lately incredible memory:

The 1.2.13 driver may occasionally produce the following message:

     eth0: Missed interrupt, status then 2011 now 2000  Tx 00 Rx 8000.

     This is (rather, should be) a rare race condition that happens in some
error checking code.
     When a packet is to be transmitted, the driver checks if an interrupt is
pending. If there is
     one pended, it usually means that some other device is using the
interrupt line and
     preventing the interrupt controller form seeing it.

     This check works fine on most motherboards (i.e. "my development
motherboard"), but
     some chipset are slow to report the interrupt. (Probably a because they
are filtering out
     interrupt glitches -- a good thing given some poorly designed older
cards.) The driver then
     thinks the interrupt line is broken, and prints the message. As part of
printing the message,
     it check the interrupt status again. Note that the "now" value has the
interrupt cleared, so it
     was handled after all.

     This message can be eliminated by compiling the driver with the
'-Dfinal_version' flag that
     turns off this (and only this) error check.


Found this little gem on the central storehouse of ethernet information:

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