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Re: Filling in the dialog boxes with Taper 6.8.2

Frere Roy wrote:
> I've just installed the Taper 6.8.2 backup to tape programme.
> I have encountered a curious phenomena namely that I cannot type any 
> characters in the message boxes, i.e. name of backup etc.
> The cursor left and right arrows are the only things that work. 
> The programme is a semi-graphic type of programme i.e. colours, cursor 
> driven menu, etc. and I was wondering if I needed to do something with 
> setterm.
> Anyone got an idea?

'Fraid not. And I'm the maintainer of taper. :-(

Everyone is experiencing the problem, and all I can do is report it to the
author, who hasn't gotten back to me yet.

see shy jo

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