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In a message dated 11/11/97 4:02:24 AM Eastern Standard Time,
debian1@hotmail.com writes:

> 4) and it was my impression, that aol users were unable to connect
>  to the Internet using the Aol servers..who knows...:/...
Depending on the game you can do it under Win95.

Now for something more on topic. (But still pretty much a waste of time) Try
running the old DOS version of AOL (1.6) under DOS-EMU. Pretty limited on
what it can do email/usenet/ftp. But still a "solution" to someone who has a
local ISP for when there at home and AOL (Provided free from work) 
for when on the road.... (DOS AOL only runs at 14.4 and requires some
modifications to PCAOLS setup as well as DOS-EMU's.)



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