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Re: fat32 in installation vfat module?

> > I'm interested in submitting a 'Beginner's Debian Installation Guide' of
> > some sort.  I have about 80% of the framework of one completed, but am
> > concerned about the lack of fat32 support.  As is stands, if someone has a
> > new computer formatted in fat32, they would have to format a fat16
> > partition to download the packages into.  the vfat module in the
> Not correct.  In no case do you have to download the packages onto a
> non-Debian partition.  dselect can automatically grab the packages you
> need on-the-fly via PPP, Ethernet, Token Ring, or whatever network
> system you have.  There is no need to download them beforehand; in
> fact, doing so will probably be much more difficult.

I was under the impression that the base install doesn't come with full
PPP support (it says this during installation).  After the base install
(from floppy), you still are unable to dialup.  If you could dialup, that
would, of course, solve everything.


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