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Dpkg-FTP problem

Hi all!

I have a little problem with dpgk-ftp and my dselect... It core-dumps
whenever dkpg-ftp tries to connect to the ftp server.  I have not
changed anything drastic since it last worked (I now run 2.1.65, but it
did the same with 2.0.32)

I have upgraded to hamm, but I did it kinda manually... I used dselect
to get the package files, and piped its output to get a list of stuff I
needed to get, and FTP'ed it for free at my University (phone calls be
quite expensive in .za), dumped them in the
/var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/debian directories, whick fooled dselect into
thinking I FTPed them, and all went peachy (I must say, I'm quite
impressed how smooth upgrading from libc5 was)

Anyhow, I really think the problem is how I typed in the directories in
the dpkg-ftp setup.  So the question is, what dirs should I type in to
select the hamm dist, and what should I type at the distributions to
get part?

BTW, my dpkg-ftp version is     : 1.4.9
and dselect:                    : Hmm, my goodness, seems its not a
seperate package... Which packages is it included in?  Anyway, it
should be the one that is/was in hamm about a week and a half ago.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

E-Mail: Neilen Marais <brick@cryogen.com>
Date: 27-Nov-97
Time: 01:08:39

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