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Re: How to use dpkg -b ??


Thanks again...

Ok I tried the dpkg-source -x and here's the error I got:
dpkg-source: error: tarfile `./mgetty_1.1.8.orig.tar.gz' contains object
(mgetty-1.1.8/README.1st) not in expected directory (mgetty-1.1.8.orig)

Help! ;)


On 18 Nov 1997, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> Debian List <debian@linux1.americasnet.com> writes:
> > But given the 3 files (diff, dsc, tar), how do I use dpkg-buildpackage? I
> > tried running it but it says it can't find debian/changelog and can't
> > determine the source package...
> Oh, I'm sorry.  Use `dpkg-source -x PACKAGE.dsc' to extract the source
> code, then use `dpkg-buildpackage' from the source directory.
> > Also, what would be the procedure to customize/patch a package? Would I
> > untar the original source, make mods to the source, tar it up again, and
> > then build the package? I'm fuzzy as to what the procedure would be in
> > order to customize a package.
> dpkg-buildpackage will automagically generate a diff from the original
> package source.
> > If I make changes to the original source, wouldn't that invalidate the
> > diff file?
> I don't understand the question.
> -- 
> Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> <blp@gnu.org> <pfaffben@debian.org>

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