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I tried to use dmsdosfs- to access doublespace 3 compressed drive
my widows partition. I followed all instructions, recompiled kernel...
But when I try add module to the kernel with insmod dmsdos, I get
following error messages:

/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_read_super
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_rename
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_unlink
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_put_super
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_rmdir
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_create
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_lookup
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_read_inode
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_mkdir
/lib/modules/2.0.30/fs/dmsdos.o: unresolved symbol msdos_unlink_umsdos

During compilation of kernel, there were few warnings about dmsdosfs,
but no errors. I use kernel 2.0.30.

Does anybody knows what I have done wrong?

Thanks for any help


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