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Imagemagick doesn't release shared memory

Will someone please test the 3.9.0-1 (unstable) version of Imagemagick to
see if it releases shared memory on your box? It doesn't on mine, and I'd
like to verify that it's a bug in Imagemagick, and not my box, before I
file a bug report. Here's how to duplicate it:

  $ # First look at how much shared memory is already being used
  $ ipcs -m
  $ # Use Imagemagick's display program on a jpg or gif file. For example:
  $ display some_picture_file.jpg   
  $ # Look at the two new shared memory entries
  $ ipcs -m
  $ # Exit from display, which would normally release the shared memory
  $ # Re-examine shared memory. Was display's shared memory released?
  $ ipcs -m

Please post your results to this list so other people won't duplicate your


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