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Re: fdisk is it available anywhere else?

     What "tool that debian uses " do you mean?  The install package
uses cfdisk, which some people prefer to fdisk.  Personally, I prefer
fdisk, but it is a matter of personal choice.  If it is "cfdisk that
does not look as friendly", perhaps you should try fdisk.  Both are
in the util-linux package, which is in the base section, so you should
have both on your system.

     The fdisk in debian appears identical to the one I used to use in
Slackware.  Both programs appear to be linux programs, not debian, so
they should be the same, except perhaps for version numbers, as those
found on other distributions.

     For hints, look at man fdisk.  If you have specific problems,
post them to this list.

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997 06:16:28 -0500 "butch" <butch@maestro.com>
> I am getting ready to partition my disk and i must say that the tool that
> debian uses does not look as friendly as the fdisk that comes with other
> distributions. i was wondering if i can find fdisk for linux elsewhere or
> should you have any hints for using the debian tools.

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