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help - CDrom file format

I've got a CD that won't mount under Win31 or FreeBSD 
2.2.2 (yeah, I'm working on getting them to install 
Debian ;) ).

Naturally, Debian (2.0.39) has no problem mounting and 
reading the directory structure.

Can anyone give me pointers to a Debian utility that could 
give me the file system type that Debian so sucessfully 
has mounted? Apparently it's not iso9660, or at least 
FBSD won't mount it as iso9660. FBSD will mount other CDs 
as iso9660. The CD is supposedly accessible by Unix, Win 95 
& NT, and Mac. I have managed to refuse to install Win 95 & 
NT so far, and am not about to start. 

Any potential help or pointers will be appreciated!

Best Regards, JohnT
"Improvement succeeded each other so rapidly, that 
machines which had never been finished were 
abandoned in the hands of their makers, because 
new improvements had superceded their utility." 

Charles Babbage 'On the Economy of Manufactures', 1832

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