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HE: color in xterm and jed

Hi to everybody

Maybe there is an easy answer to this but I couldnt find it

When I used Slackware there was a command like  ``color-xterm''
and I would have an xterm with color support

In debian if I run ls --color=auto 
or jed (with ANSI_COLORS enabled)I see colors;
but if I run a script which uses ``dialog'' this is b&w;
the only way I can have colors in dialog
is to set TERM=xterm-color
but this not so nice to do everytime.

Is there a way I can tell xterm to set TERM=xterm-color ?

in jed's syntax hiliting some things,
like LaTeX commands, are green over white: unreadable.
I have changed it to red over white
and $ signs to blue over white
but the effect of the change is only
for terminals; in .jedrc I have undeleted 
#ifndef XWINDOWS
 before the set_color part, that now reads
    $1 = ``black''; $2 = ``white'';
    set_color(``menu'', ``white'', ``blue'');   % menu bar    
    set_color(``normal'', $1, $2);                  % default fg/bg
    set_color(``status'', ``yellow'', ``blue'');  % status or mode line
       set_color(``region'', ``yellow'', ``brightmagenta'');% for marking regions
  set_color(``operator'', $1, $2);        % +, -, etc..  
  set_color(``number'', ``brightblue'', $2);  % 10, 2.71,... TeX formulas
   set_color(``comment'', ``white'', ``brightcyan''); % /* comment */  
   set_color(``string'', ``brightblue'', $2);  % ``string'' or `char'  
   set_color(``keyword'', ``brightred'', $2);  % if, while, unsigned, ...  
   set_color(``keyword1'', ``brown'', $2);          % malloc, exit, etc...
   set_color(``delimiter'', $1, $2);       % {}[](),.;...  
   set_color(``preprocess'', ``magenta'', $2);  % #ifdef ....  
    set_color(``message'', ``blue'', $2);              % color for messages
    set_color(``error'', ``brightred'', $2);           % color for error
    set_color(``dollar'', ``magenta'', $2);            % color dollar sign continuation
   set_color(``...'', ``red'', $2);  % folding indicator

this has skrewd up the colorsin xjed , though:
in xjed now LaTeX commands are green over black (?)
and $ signs are blu over black 

how come?



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