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Re: HELP! smail won't deliver!

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> Received FROM: ... HOST: 3dillusion.3dillusion.com [] ...
> Deferred TO:<paul@3dillusion.3dillusion.com> ERROR:(ERR164) router
>  inet_hosts: BIND server failure: : Connection timed out
> before, all my mail was coming to '3dillusion.com' ... and not
> 3dillusion.3dillusion.com.. I want to change it back to 3dillusion.com and
> have smail work.  I've attached my bind configuration for 3dillusion.com

Change this:

43              IN      PTR     3dillusion.3dillusion.com.

to this:

43              IN      PTR     3dillusion.com.

in your in-addr.arpa zone file. Also check /etc/hosts.


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