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Re: fat32 in installation vfat module?

Matt Thompson <mattyt@oz.net> writes:

> I'm interested in submitting a 'Beginner's Debian Installation Guide' of
> some sort.  I have about 80% of the framework of one completed, but am
> concerned about the lack of fat32 support.  As is stands, if someone has a
> new computer formatted in fat32, they would have to format a fat16
> partition to download the packages into.  the vfat module in the

Not correct.  In no case do you have to download the packages onto a
non-Debian partition.  dselect can automatically grab the packages you
need on-the-fly via PPP, Ethernet, Token Ring, or whatever network
system you have.  There is no need to download them beforehand; in
fact, doing so will probably be much more difficult.

> installation process won't allow a fat32 partition to be mounted and the
> base-install doesn't have full ppp support for dialup.
> I'm afraid I'm no programmer, I'm a user trying to learn as much as I can
> and help out, if possible.  I don't know how difficult it would be to make
> the installation vfat module fat32 compliant.  I would, however, like to
> submit a document for review.
> Should I submit one based on the current situation, or could the module be
> 'patched'?  I would be very appreciative to hear any opinion on this, and
> how such a document might be received.
> TIA for your consideration :)
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