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Re: Easy Samba Question

On Mon, Nov 03, 1997 at 06:05:51PM +0100, Kevin Traas wrote:
> Will Samba work across a router?  The Internet?
> i.e. I'm about 8000KM away from the Linux system I'd like to connect to via
> SMB.
> Am I dreaming?  Is there a way to do this?  If so, any pointers?  The HOWTO
> didn't deal with this issue at all.

Yes, it works, although sometimes getting access to a WINS server
(eg nmbd) which knows about the server can be a hassle, I suspect.
I have accessed samba through terminal servers fine. The login
message at ftp.kernel.org even advertises an SMB address for the server.
You might need to use an LMHOSTS file on Windows machines to advertise
the server's IP, and it then probably won't appear in the network

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