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Re: Help needed intalling debian

David Welch <drwelch@OCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> Hi,
> I am brand new to linux and debian.  I have been trying to intall debian
> on my Toshiba T1910 laptop (intel 486sx33, 4mb ram).
> I have downloaded all the required files from
> debian/stable/disks-i386/current.  When I try to use rawrite to copy
> resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin to disk I get either "address mark not
> found" or "sector not found" error.  Attempting to boot with the
> rescue disk hangs my computer.  I was able to copy the other disk
> image files without problems.

Make sure that the size of the images is unchanged, i.e. no corruption
while transfering such as LF->CR/LF conversation has occured.  The
error messages could also mean that your floppy disk has media errors,
try a "format a: /u" in DOS (I assume you use it for rawriting) and
look if any errors are reported.


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