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Re: hello?

On Wed, Nov 19, 1997 at 05:43:00PM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> The list doesn't mind if you subscribe more than once using the same
> address - it'll only send one message to each address. That's the best
> thing to do when it gets quiet.
> The server will unsubscribe you when it gets too many bounces from your
> system. This happens when your disk quota runs out, etc.

Or when your email address provider (see the OTHER address in my
signature) briefly disappears from the DNS and claims ignorance
when you mail them, after guessing their support address
because it sure as hell isn't on their web page. Argh. And not
for free either. And since my master mail was forwarding their,
I got bounced of all the lists. Argh.

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