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Re: Eth0

Bill Leach wrote:

> Greg;  first under Linux there will not be and should not be a device
> file in /dev for your ethernet card.  From what you have NOT said, I
> would like to be sure that the module IS installed so do a cat
> /proc/modules and look for a "3c509" entry.
> Whether the kernel says that it has the module or not will determine the
> next move.
> best,
> -bill
> Greg wrote:
> I am trying to get my local lan going and cannot seem to figure out how
> to make the kernal see the ethernet card. I am using a 3com 3509 and I
> know that the driver is there.  When I use ifconfig I run into problems
> such as "SIOCSIFADDR: no such device".  Eth0 is not even in /dev, so I
> tried MAKEDEV -c eth0 and the error is "unkown device or group eth0".
> Can anyone help me get this configured properly? I would appreciate any
> input.

Good to know I'm not the only user out here with this problem.

1st steps to take when this happens is to disable plug and play on the card
using the 3c5x9cfg.exe program that comes on the installation diskette.
Next set the IO address and the IRQ to something reasonable with that same
program (it should tell you whether or not those values you choose conflict
with something else in the system).

Next either compile the driver support into the kernel or as a module.

If as a module uncomment the line in conf.modules that says:

alias eth0 3c509

.. and make sure that if there is an options line for the 3c509 in that file
that the IO and IRQ options are set correctly.

If in the kernel try putting this on the lilo boot prompt:


.. after the boot selection entry.

Make SURE to do a HARD BOOT (power your machine down and then back up again)
after you have disabled plug and play with the DOS utility.

If this stuff doesn't work, get back with me, I've stock piled a lot of
stuph that might help...

Your fellow 3Com user in hell,


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