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Re: fat32 in installation vfat module?

> > > I'm interested in submitting a 'Beginner's Debian Installation Guide' of
> > > some sort.  I have about 80% of the framework of one completed, but am
> > > concerned about the lack of fat32 support.  As is stands, if someone has a
> > > new computer formatted in fat32, they would have to format a fat16
> > > partition to download the packages into.  the vfat module in the
> > 
> > Not correct.  In no case do you have to download the packages onto a
> > non-Debian partition.  dselect can automatically grab the packages you
> > need on-the-fly via PPP, Ethernet, Token Ring, or whatever network
> > system you have.  There is no need to download them beforehand; in
> > fact, doing so will probably be much more difficult.
> I was under the impression that the base install doesn't come with full
> PPP support (it says this during installation).  After the base install
> (from floppy), you still are unable to dialup.  If you could dialup, that
> would, of course, solve everything.

The ppp support is not fully setup, you need to provide some configuration, 
but all the programs needed for a ppp connection are part of base
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