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Re: dselect & other install issues.

John Spence <9706744k@lux.levels.unisa.edu.au> writes:
> My first use of dselect was interesting but seemed to work out fine
> when I worked out how to display a list of "All" packages installed or
> not. However I ran it a second time just to familiarise myself with it
> and when I went to quit I accidentally selected "Install".
> As expected the program starting flying throught the list of programs
> but it never seemed to stop. My screen saver activated twice as I was
> waiting for the program to stop. I'm not sure what the default time
> the screensaver is set to but it took ages before I decided that the
> program was in an infinite loop and pressed Ctrl-C to cancel.

I have noticed that this always seems to occur with the CD set
provided by one particular manufacturer, I can't remember which at the
moment.  I eventually just gave up on their 1.3.1 and used my other CD
set, the one for 1.3.0.
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