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eth0: Bogus packet size

Can anyone tell me why I get the message:

eth0: bogus packet size: 4160, status = 0x21, nxpg=0x30

on my console?  Does this indicate a "packet corruption"
of some sort?

I have a WD80x3-based LAN adapter in my Debian
machine, which is running back-to-back (via a crossover
cable) to a Win95 machine with a 3Com 3C503 adapter.
Although this should be a straightforward configuration, I
haven't been able to make it work.

If I ping my Debian box from Win95, I see the RX light on the
WD card blink each time a packet is sent, and I (usually) get
one of the above complaints.

If I ping my Win95 machine from the Debian machine and snoop
with tcpdump (on the Debian machine, which may not be a very
valid test), all that I see going out is an arp request for the address
of the win95 machine.

ifconfig reports nothing out of the ordinary, except that it shows
the adapter's I/O address as 0x290 rather than 0x280 as it is
jumpered.  This strikes me as odd because I'm specifying
"io=0x280" to the wd.o module.

Any hints would be welcome!

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