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Re: "infinite loop in interrupt"

linux@jhu0048.res.jhu.edu (Aaron Brick) writes:
> this may be more of a hardware question. i frequently see the error
> message "eth0: Infinite loop in interrupt, status 2011." on my terminal;
> however, the network connection is fine. what should i do to make whatever
> is causing that error stop reporting it?

The easiest fix is to run, as root:

	dmesg -n 1

This prevents all kernel logging messages except panic messages from
appearing on the terminal (see the dmesg(8) manpage for details).  The
messages will still be written to the logfiles in "/var/log", however.

For your information, these error messages are being generated by the
"linux/drivers/net/3c509.c" network driver.  It looks like, if your
network is particularly busy, you could receive so many packets in
quick succession that this message would be generated.

Kevin <buhr@stat.wisc.edu>

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