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Re: Help Kernel Oops!

In article <87oh3yu0ln.fsf@pfaffben.user.msu.edu> you wrote:
: Sorry, there's little to be learned from raw kernel OOPS messages
: without seeing the full system and kernel configurations and versions.
: (As far as I know.)

There's some detail in the kernel documentation about reporting OOPS
messages.. I can't remember it all offhand, but some of it (at least)
is along the lines of looking up addresses in System.map to find the
mapping to functions. Certainly, a raw oops without that information
is pretty much useless.

Running at a mere 104 billion instructions per second, the SX4 appears to
be the only machine actually capable of running Office '97.
  -- ChipChat, Australian Personal Computer, September 1997 (paraphrased.)

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