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Re: diald & cached webpages

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997 03:56:07 EST, Wintermute wrote:
> > 
> > Isn't there some kind of cache software, though?  I don't know what
> > it's called, but it caches webpages locally, and won't querry the
> > remote server unless the page isn't in the cache?  What is it called?
> > Would it work?
> Well you forced me to pick my brain.. so you asked for it..
> http://www.gedanken.demon.co.uk/wwwoffle/version-1.3/user.html
> An offline web browser tool that works with several browsers, caches
> pages, and marks links that you want to go to (but are not cached) for
> later retrieval, and other cool stuff. (Says it works with Netscape too)

This is probably better than what I was asking for because it looks 
like it's specifically tailored for the diald use, just as I wanted.

What I was thinking about was tailored for isp's who have bandwidth 
issues, thus probably a good bit more work to administer because it's 
tailored for commercial use.

> http://www.isg.de/visualweb/invisible_e.html
> Automates the downloading of web pages from a web site.  (Sorta like a
> crawler in some respects) "the economical way to browse the web" --taken
> from the banner of the web page.

I considered this crawler idea, but I don't think it quite suits my 
needs, even if it comes close, though I'm not sure about that, so I'll 
keep it in mind.
> Give these guys a go.  The former option even intrigued me...

Those are pretty cool, I'm glad I asked you to pick your brain. :-)  I 
think I'll give that wwwoffle a try.

Another idea I thought of would be to put diald in normal/off mode with 
an alias or if I wanted to get fancy I could make a clickable afterstep 
dock button which changes colors depending on which mode diald is in.  
Originally I discarded this idea because it requires interaction, which 
seems to make diald pointless. However it might be good to have both a 
normal/off button and wwwoffle. That way I could use diald the way I 
want under ideal conditions and toggle diald normal/off as dialing 
conditions dictate.


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