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Hardware question

	I am new to this mail list, although I have followed other
Debian lists for more than a year. I would like to know if some one has
booted LINUX in any of the following machines:

DELL PowerEdge 4200, Pentium-II 266 or 300 MHz) single or dual processor 


any Digital Prioris HX6000 series.

	I want to buy one of the machines above, but first I wanna be
sure I will be able to install LINUX. I know that LINUX boots in the
PowerEdge 4100, but that model is not sold any more.

	You can answer directly to me, if you prefer.

Pablo Ares Gastesi		pablo@math.tifr.res.in
School of Maths
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, INDIA

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