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Re: idled and other timeout programs

On Sat, 01 Nov 1997 21:48:52 EST Paul Miller (paul@3dillusion.com) 

> I'm looking for a timeout program which will _NOT_ kill my xterm sessions
> but will kill my idle telnet sessions.  I attempted to do this with idled
> by making it ignore users in a 'console' group which the login program
> added to the user's groups.  The only problem is XDM doesn't add users to
> any groups.
> What is tricky is determining if the user is on locally or telneting
> because both xterm and telnet use /etc/ttyp* ...
> Has anyone done this before or have any ideas?

You can always look at which process has the matching pty open. It will be xterm for a xterm session or in.telnetd for a telnet session.
You can do that with fuser.


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