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Re: Has anyone bought the debian book and cds?

On 17 Nov, Bill Leach let loose with:

> The usefulness of this RedHat technical support for me however, proved to worthless.  Tech support registration and
> receipt of 'trouble tracking numbers' turned out to be the only part of their system that functioned.  NO email response beyond the auto-responders was ever received -- no 
> questions, no suggestions, nada!

Same here... while I usually find myself "on my own" with most tech
support, at least there is a response even if it is not helpful...8-/

I was also dissappointed to learn that after paying for the Red Hat
official CD set I voided my right to tech support by recompiling the
kernel with sound support. (Gee, why would I want to do THAT...)

Not to bash Red Hat or anything - I mean, we are all trying to promote
Linux - I just feel that if you are going to offer tech support then
you should deliver...

> The users list provided some suggestions, none of which helped but still there was an attempt by other users.
> Finally, I received the ONE suggestion that worked, from another user experiencing the same sort of problems that
> I was experiencing....
>                 Switch to debian!!
> That worked!


- Tim

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