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Re: Has anyone bought the debian book and cds?

On 15 Nov, butch let loose with:
> Hello,
> well i was in J&R music worlds computer store and i saw the set- ,and they
> have a really good price on it. has anyone bought it and what are your
> opinions of the value for money?

I got the book about two weeks ago - I am somewhat new to debain so it
was a good primer... A lot of it focuses on installation though, which
personally I did not need. I also wish that there had been coverage on
actually making packages with debmake, etc. All in all it is a good book
to have on the shelf if you like printed documentation.

A word of caution, though... I did not have much success with the
Custom CD. Dselect choked on certain packages - I don't know the cause
right off, but just be warned...

C Ya!

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