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Re: HELP! Broke X, vi

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Andrew J Tarr wrote:

> Cheerfully trying to edit a new file, I got into the help minibuffer to
> find out an Xemacs command. I tried loading a file, and got an error
> message. I moved to the *scratch* buffer, but that turned out to be the
> help minibuffer also. I then kept deleting buffers until Xemacs died, with
> a core dump. It asked me to use gdb on the core and email the output to
> the bug-fixers. Because I had a text file called 'core' at one stage, I
> ran vi on it figuring if it was a real core file I'd just see a whole lot
> of gibberish. However vi died, and the xterm became unusable. After that,
> vi died once incepted thereafter. 

Well, it seems to be working again now with no action on my behalf.
Power-down perhaps? 

 Andrew Tarr 


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