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[no subject] (forw) [ Re: learning programming] (no subject) (sans sujet) 802.11b Wireless Card Recommendations ? Re: thinkpad600e/networkcard [FIXED] Re: installation procedure for pcmcia network install Re: [ltp] X22 issues Advice on kernel partitions requested. alt-get update via ADSL from command line? Anyone tried coda? apm problems solved apm support changes 2.2.19 > 2.4.16 AVM FRITZ card PCMCIA AW: PCMCIA Crash Woody AW: umlauts AW: X and 8 mb badiane: crc error when lilo starts Can anyone recommend a release of debian for old toshiba laptop? CD change not recognized Choosing a version of Debian for Toshiba Libretto 70CT Compaq Presario 17XL2 X Config Compiling PCMCIA with kernel 2.4.13 Debian - X - KDE Debian 2.2.4 & 3.?-woody -- Heads Up? Dell i8k Fn-Key hangup. Dell Inspiron 4000 touchpad problem with gpm Dell latitude C810 Dell Latitude Xpi Troubles Disk waker ESS ES1989 Modem with Kernel 2.4 ESS1888 sample speed ext3 external model on a Thinkpad 380 XD External Monitor FireWire PCMCIA card ? GDM doesn't recognize keyboard anymore Gericom Laptop: X Problem with the Screensetting halting thinkpad with lid closed. Hang-up during the install with Fujitsu C 6637 Hard drive errors i82365 and PCIC probing IBM A30 IBM ThinkPad A30 Re: Inspiron 8000 IR and Palm (not talking and unreliable IR connection) Inspiron 8000 IR and Palm (not talking and unreliable IR connection) Inspiron 8100 + S-Video... Inspiron 8100 vs Debian installation procedure for pcmcia network install Installing Debian on Gateway Solo Installing problems on X22 Installing programs from a none-debian CD or from the Harddisk Re: Installing via serial line Installing via serial line trouble Intel Wireless 2011 PCMCIA on Debian irda missing modules? irda on a Inspiron 8100... (fwd) is APM working on Compaq Presario 12XL509? Re: Is this what HC uses? [Re: Off Topic: Why Lotus Notes Sucks] Kernel 2.4.16 & wvlan_cs Keyboard changing Keyboard-Rate and Keyboard-Delay klaptopdaemon laptop wireless cards Re: learning programming Linux EDA Tools (Was: Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?) Linux on a Toshiba S3000-504 ltmodem for 2.2r4 Merhabalar; mirroring woody mount floppy Mouse cursor... Mouse support and other bugs (Questions!) Re: noflushd Re: Off Topic: Why Lotus Notes Sucks Old Laptop as printserver orinoco & DWL-650 orinoco (WIFI) Gold Lucent Tech - PC24E-H-FC PCard OT: Re: learning programming PCM100 PC Card in Sony SR5K - config question PCMCIA Crash Woody Re: pcmcia modem ... IS A WINMODEM!!! pcmcia modem not working ... please help PCMCIA packages PCMCIA Packages (crosspost from laptop) PCMCIA, 2.4 kernels and ethernet pcmcia-network problem pcmcia-network-card (can't reach network) Pilot IIIe & IBM TP 380Z Port replicator on Gateway 9300 Possibly stupid newbie questions Problems with 2.4.16-k6 and pcmcia Problemswith XFree4.0 Samsung Notemaster 386S/25 sid + 3com vortex + 2.4.14 Siemens Scenic mobile 320 sound with alsa sis900 and kernel-2.4.13 smart card reader on Acer Travelmate 611TXV sound on VAIO FX401 Sound SiS7018 rev 2 with 2.2.19 Kernel Thinkpad 760XL Sound and Compactlfash cards Thinkpad A20p S-Video (output) thinkpad pad, woody and a linksys wpc11 lan card thinkpad R 30 thinkpad600e/networkcard Thinkpads under linux Thinkpads under linux, more ideas Thoughts on network detection and configuration on Debian time setting Toshiba 4000CDT Monitor Toshiba Satellite Pro 470CDT Toshiba Tecra 780 modules.conf entries TP 760el sound umlauts Unidentified subject! US international keyboard for Debian video card changing... Weird mouse behaviour! Which config tool? Which Kernel - Woody ? which phone Re: Why Linux on a Laptop? winmodem on laptop, can it work? (lspci -vv output) woody kernels do not support PCMCIA network card wvlan-card not properly recognized X - fading white... X and 8 mb Re: X and 8 mb (how fast?) X and LCD X and resuming (Was: Re: Disk waker) X and suspending X22 issues xfs file system - apparently for real men 8-) XFS won't daemonize Xircom CardBus: silence the modem ٸ ϴ!![񽺱] The last update was on 23:12 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 463 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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