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Advice on kernel partitions requested.

I spend half my time away from home. If I leave my desktop in anything
but a fully functional state my wife and daughter become pretty upset.

I have brough back into use an old laptop to serve as a substitute for
the desktop, while I am away, to test things I would like to do on the
desktop and LAN (10BaseT), once I return home.
My daughter runs a Win98SE box, occasionally, using SAMBA to print off
the desktop. She usually uses the desktop for Internet use.

The laptop (Cardstar) is a 486DX-33 8MB RAM 122MB HDD to which I have
added an old parallel port Zip drive (98MB). It has no PCI bus but is
slightly odd in having a 2/3 length ISA slot in the battery bay, in
which I use an NE2000 clone NIC.

I have had Potatoe running on this machine and as my normal laptop
(Solo) and desktop are running Woody I decided to update Cardstar as

I won't bore you all with the ramifications, but I forgot that I had
removed locales and most of the docs. Tha machine ran out of space.

It is functioning now, more or less, but I am unsure of what would be
the best way to make use of the Zip and which kernel to use.

All 3 machines are currently running 2.2.17, inherited from a 2.2.r0

Cardstar shows only about 200kB of free RAM. I have several modules
loaded to allow masquerading etc.  As an example of how slow this has
made it, after selecting [s][Enter] in dselect it takes 32 min (thirty
two) before the help screen appears. 
The Zip is split in half:-

/dev/sda1 is mounted as /usr/share
/dev/sda2               /var/cache/apt/archives
/dev/hda1	ext2	104MB
/dev/hda2	swap	 17MB (remainder non-contiguous)	

I would be interested in opinions as to:-

Which kernel should I use?
How best should I divide and mount the Zip drive.

I would like to avoid installing from scratch.

    Tim Wood

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